Safeeya, Director of Reconciliation between Jews and Muslims with E3 Partners, is a former Muslim, born and raised in the Middle East. She grew up in Kuwait, in a very strict Muslim family, in the midst of a community 90% Muslim. Under authority from her parents and her brother, she devoted her life to serving Allah—but no matter how devoutly she prayed or how accurately she strove to memorize passages of the Koran, her efforts were never enough.

Through God’s loving providence, Safeeya eventually became a believer in Jesus. Since leaving Islam and reading the Bible, Safeeya now has a burden of love for the Jewish people she was taught to hate from a young age. The cost she has had to pay for becoming a follower of Christ has been high, but Safeeya remains passionate about reaching the lost with the hope she has found in Christ.

As a former Muslim woman, Safeeya has been able to use her knowledge to build authentic connections with Muslim women, reaching out to them in a sensitive, effective way. She is able to help Christian audiences understand women in Islamic countries, as well as the Muslim culture and religion. Her goal is to help Christians move from fear to love and compassion in their approach to Muslims, so that they, too, can love as Christ does.